About 88Kits

About 88Kits


88Kits was started with a passion for football and with business’s already in the garment industry it was an easy transition to make.

Having firsthand experience on how outdated the design service for football kits can be, 88Kits was born to bring an updated image of your team. Here at 88Kits we feel this is crucial because it unites your players and fosters a winning attitude.

Introducing the option for customization you have the ability to give your club a distinctive look with the help of 88Kits designs or even your own custom design.

Our in-house printing service can customize your garments with club badges, sponsor logo’s, initials, numbers etc. on the highest quality of breathable material. All printing done to a very high standard and has a quick turnaround time.



 At 88Kits, our primary goal is “Bridging Grass Roots and Professional Sportswear” enabling all teams to achieve the look they want on the pitch.

 Our team is a group of professional staff with years of experience in the industry who are familiar with the demands of football clubs, players, coaches, and staff. Our passion for the game and industry ensures that choosing 88Kits will be the right decision for your team.

 Take advantage of our customer assistance beyond weekdays. We're available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Make sure to contact us, and thank you for visiting 88Kits!

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