The Strangest Football Shirt Numbers: A Look at the Odd and Unusual

The Strangest Football Shirt Numbers: A Look at the Odd and Unusual

Football shirt numbers have long been a subject of fascination and tradition. While most players stick to the conventional 1-11 for starting positions, some have chosen numbers that raise eyebrows and spark conversations. At, we celebrate the unique and the unconventional in football apparel. Here’s a dive into some of the strangest football shirt numbers that have graced the pitch.

1. The Number 0

While rare, the number 0 has appeared on football shirts, most notably worn by Hicham Zerouali, a Moroccan striker who played for Aberdeen in the early 2000s. Nicknamed "Zero," his choice was a playful nod to his surname. Though the Scottish Football Association later banned the number, Zerouali’s 0 remains iconic.

2. 69 - The Controversial Choice

In 1996, Argentine midfielder Osvaldo Ardiles caused a stir when he chose the number 69 upon joining Japanese club Shimizu S-Pulse. The choice was seen as provocative and led to much discussion. While it's not a common choice, it’s one that definitely stands out in football history.

3. 99 - The Almost Triple Digits

Strikers with a flair for the dramatic often opt for 99, symbolizing an almost perfect score. Brazilian forward Ronaldo famously wore 99 during his stint at AC Milan, making it one of the most recognizable high numbers in football. The choice is often about making a statement, and at, you can choose to have any number for those who dare to stand out.

4. Number 1 for Outfield Players

Traditionally reserved for goalkeepers, the number 1 has occasionally been donned by outfield players. The most famous example is Argentine legend Osvaldo Ardiles, who wore number 1 during the 1982 World Cup due to an alphabetical numbering system. It's a quirky exception that has left a lasting impression on fans.

5. 123 - An Administrative Oversight

In a bizarre administrative error, an Austrian lower-league player was once assigned the number 123. This three-digit number was due to a mix-up in the registration process, making it one of the most unusual football shirt numbers ever seen on the field.

Embrace the Unique with

At, we understand that a shirt number can be more than just a digit; it's a part of a player's identity. Whether you’re looking for classic numbers or something truly unique, our collection celebrates the diversity and individuality of footballers worldwide. Check out our range of kits and find a number that speaks to you.

In the world of football, numbers can be a form of self-expression, a bit of fun, or a nod to personal history. What’s your favorite unusual football number? Let us know in the comments below!

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